Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bachelor update [4]

im making this quick. okayyy this week on bachelor. . Alli, i do not like you. when you smile your eyes go really big and its scary, but you also are inconsiderate and weird. i thought it was awful what she said about emily about how they all have problems... keep it to yourself. so if you dont leave next week i will be mad. heavens, how did you even make it this week is the better question?! ummmmm Michelle, very toned down this week but i do have to quote good old doug because he says this after every episode, "True or False... my sister says all the things the other girls are thinking" and its true... think about it. Emily- okay she is darling i have said that before but its come to my attention after conversing with friends that her and brad are perrrrfect for each other. they both are a little timid and awkward and slightly boring but beautiful human beings... he was like inches away from telling her he loved her last ep and i think its because they are very simlar yet very different. i honestly think she is the front runner-and i dont mind her getting the attention because much rather have it be her than CHANTEL...ugh so obnoxious, selfish, and a pity party. drives me crazy. stop it. just stop. she is pretty but i cant stand her. if you are going to cry twice an episode dont announce that you dont cry often,  i loved when brad called her out about being dramatic. no one needs drama in their life.. and the other SHAWNTEL i really like. but dont have anything more to say about her other than i am EXTREMELY jealous of her shopping spree. The Ashley date was sad because i was rooting for S but i dont care for H..... Brit is so skinny and fine but i dont think she will last long. and last but not least... JACKIE i can hardly remember you.
sooo my front runners are: Emily, Shawntel and Michelle considering the rest are a blur.  

agree to disagree.

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