Monday, January 17, 2011

brisk air and ice skating rinks

sun valley brings me joy.
i had such an amazing weekend
and i was able to catch a breath and enjoy my stay.
we went skiing and much much more.
i am so lucky to have a family like the schneiders in my life.
they have really taken me in as their own.
and i am so grateful for that.
i will let the pictures do the talking.
i was very sad to leave.
but only a month until we are back there again :)

highlights: reading horoscopes, a walk on fairway road on icy icy roads, skiing then hot tubbing, country strong being a m a z i n g, valentines candy...well the list goes on and on and on

literally the only down falls of the trip were: my random night terror, doing the splits on the ice, my allergic reaction, and the fact that it had to end...

i love sun valley. that quaint little town has officially stolen my heart.

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