Tuesday, January 25, 2011

bachelor update [3]

sooo this week on the bachelor....
[chantal o.] i DO NOT like you. you are so obnoxious... and if you noticed last episode she says "i never cry" and she has cried four times since then. when she threw that fit about emily getting special treatment and calling emily, "emotionally unstable" that drew the line for me. i do not like you. he loves you though so i better get used to it. oh and the feud between chantal and michelle....i am team michelle hands down. [michelle] i think on their one on one they seemed so norm and funny. i do have to say she is the star of the show for being "crazy" but she was way normal on the one on one.. so yep between the two of you TEAM MICHELLE. [emily] will forever and always be my favorite. she is darling and deserves every little thing he is doing for her, i dont mind that she gets special treatment. [shawntel] definitely growing on me. we will see as weeks go on. [the ashleys] definitely liking ashley s. better than ashley h. we didnt see much of her this week but ashley h is a little odd. [lindsey] the ginger... glad shes gone. i laughed to myself when she was saying her farewell speech and she brought up how her parents will be so proud. HA. [jackie] still not your biggest fan. you had a one on one and have disappeared ever since. [brit] so cute and little but i feel like you wont last long. still dont like [alli] and for the rest...lisa and whoever else. no comment

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