Tuesday, January 18, 2011

bachelor update [2]

okay so two episodes have gone by and much to catch up on. lets start with this week.... Madison (vampire) you are a sweetheart but i do not understand the fangs... how about when she was trying to be serious and removed her fangs and the camera man aimed the camera to them sitting on the table...ick i couldnt take you seriously so i am okay with you gone. Emily: sweetest soul, honestly love her. she is just so awkward and normal. so emily you have made my top three! You do have to give Michelle props considering she is shown more than all the girls combined..they are like obsessed with her. he is too.  but once again i am not putting her in my top or bottom lists. the Ashley's.... i am pairing them as one because is it just me or do they not look oddly A LOT alike. Ashley S. had the single date and i think she is darling. def in my top three, and Ashley H. is fine. maybe a little too insecure and she goes crazy next ep so we will see how that goes..Chantel: i like you cause i think you are normal and pretty but hate to say it but there are already enough sob stories and she just had to bring up hers too... every single girl has some sort of sob story... i guess that is why they got on the show, but hers didnt really make any sense.. i dont know how i feel about her yet but i still think she wins. Shawntel: you are cute but you are a funeral director...enough said.  Alli: you bother me, i dont know why but you bug me, everything that you say is like you have planned it for three days. and there is a reason why he was just fine with michelle interupting you two. yuck go home. The rest of the girls have done nothing for me. Lindsay: you are a ginger and have a widows peak... i think we can just leave it at that.  as for the rest of you... some of you resemble animals (not to point fingers but jackie = giraffe) and the rest of you havent done anything at all.. .so better luck next week.

hopefully we can agree or agree to disagree :) 

just for you lauren !

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