Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the bach.

just like last season... i am going to be reviewing the bachelor as the season goes on..
so if you watch it... read this and watch it with me. if you dont watch, dont bother reading this :)
i dont know anything about anyone yet but here is what i do know..
Emily: the cute blonde who's husband died in the plane accident. i liked that she didnt tell him this though at first. definitely impressed by her. she is darling. i hope she is the next bachelorette. Vampire Girl: INSANE. i honestly dont even know if there are words to describe her. Ashley S.: homegirl who recieved the first impression rose. shes decent. we will see though. MANSCAPER: you are embarrassing yourself. stop it. Michelle: cant say much about her considering she is one of my best friends sister... so i will leave it at she is very pretty. Melissa: you jumped into his arm leaving him weirdly touching you... hence why you got a rose. Chantal: Girl who slapped him... i am only mentioning you because i swear you are going to win... mark my words.. unless im wrong.
it really is sad how much i love this show.. but i hear rumors Vienna wants to be the next bachelorette... the day this happens is the day i stop watching.


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  1. Of course you know Michelle.

  2. Haha yes I'm so loving you right! And your blog! Yaya!! So stoked on the Bach. :)

  3. Thrashing on all of this!! You read my mind little Chlo!!


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