Tuesday, November 16, 2010

its the happy things that help me understand why all the yucky ones dont matter

in my favorite class, our teacher asked.
"what makes you happy, gut wrenching happy"
we asked for her to explain and she said..
"the happy that can turn your day around"
she said to make our own happy list because often times when we are aware of what makes us happy, we are willing to let the list grow, appreciating everything else.

i have thought about it since and this is what i found.

1. when someone opens the door for me.
2. when a song comes on the radio that brings back memories
3. when i hit every green light on the way home from school.
4. getting mail, just a simple reminder that someone cares
5. when its raining outside and i'm in my bed
6. driving with a friend and a diet coke
7. the movie "you've got mail"
8. being loved
9. the feeling after a long workout
10. when i see a couple happy, & it gives me hope :) haha
oh and my bonus:
11. sundays; i love lazy sundays with my family.

those are my happy thoughts.
of course there are more,
simple ones.


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