Monday, November 15, 2010

on mondays i find myself thinking more about my weekend than the school work in front of me.

this picture is not beautiful in the least.
but i love it.
after a yucky trip to the chocolate factory.
we knew that mav wouldnt let us down.

i love Jane
she is my soulmate
its no wonder that people are mad we are exclusive..

cause we are. :)
its not our fault our birthdays are on the same day.


[ and yes we asked the maverick worker to take our picture. ]

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  1. this made my day! :) love you.
    "should we ask her to take our picture?"
    "i dont know, should we?"
    "yeah why not. im not embarrassed. im not embarrassed at all."

  2. hahahaha i love this. and i love being exclusive with you guys!


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