Sunday, November 28, 2010

okay goodbye unhealthy weekend...
time to get back on track
after eating everything in sight.
its time to get back to healthy lifestyles
my pants are feeling a weeee bit tight.
i guess thats what leggings are for.

i recently started drinking a ton of water
and if you know me you know that i dont like water
and i really have noticed a difference
but this past weekend my diet coke intake was off the charts.

but no more diet coke, cakes, pies, and in n out burger.
back to protein shakes, whole wheat toast, and toooo much water.

yep. back on track i tell ya..

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  1. im right there beside you dear dinky ruffle.

  2. haha i read this and was sad, becuase all i wear are leggings!!


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