Sunday, November 14, 2010

the lessons i learned about the first snow storm of the year..

here are a few little thoughts about the first snowfall of every year.
1. have you noticed everyone drives like its the end of the world when its BARELY snowing or raining outside? everyone slows down to at least 20 mph... ugh
2. why in the world are the jimmy johns workers AND the u of u parking people STILL riding bikes when not only is it 30 degrees outside but its snowing.... dont really get it. i feel like locking up their bike for them, getting them some hot chocolate and a blanket..
3. i cant remember the last time that i was warm. this is not an exageration. i depend on my fire, uggs, and snuggie...
4. soup really does warm your soul. (preferrably clam chowder from market street)
5. i dont like the residue that the snow leaves on my car.
6. what happened to fall??! fall in UT doesnt exist!
7. nothing makes me happier than knowing i am skiing twice this week!
8. its a lot harder to wake up when you look outside and see gray..
9. i LOVE tights and boots!
10. hate to say this.. but lauren rice, i am ALMOST ready for christmas music :) give me a week

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  1. yes clam chowd, yes shredding, and yes christmas music!!

  2. obsessed with the shout out you gave me. can't wait for you to be okay with the christmas music that plays in my car.

    ps hi corndog

  3. you would say something about jimmy johns....


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