Sunday, October 17, 2010

the things that matter.

have you ever had those weeks where thinking is all you do?
you pick apart everything that you are doing and everything that needs to be fixed
clearing the clutter out of your life.
i have had one of those weeks where everything everyone is saying really does stick in my brain
every persons opinion mattered to me this week..

i was able to talk to friends for over an hour the other night about the church and i realized how lucky i am to have knowledgable friends and friends that teach me more and more. thank you for sitting over a kitchen counter with me and answering all my naive questions.

today three amazing girls spoke in church, i dont think they knew that everything they were saying was being glued in my head but i want to thank them for amazing guidance, one of them mentioned a talk that they had read, so after church i went and i looked it up and i was able to read the whole thing:

"we are doing a great work and we cant come down"

i dont know if that link worked.. but everyone should read it. its an amazing talk about how happiness is so close.

my dad also gave me a talk on fighting temptation, the talk refers back to Alice and Wonderland and how she had two paths to take, and unlike Alice, we know which path we need to take and not taking that path is no ones fault but our own. crazy how a little phrase like that can honestly tug on my heart. thanks dad.

on another note: i am lucky to have sisters who call me ten times a day to make sure i am okay and fed. they are sweet and make me happy. so thanks to my sisters.

and another friend literally always knows what to say, she told me:

i just want you to know that what is happening is completely normal. we are constantly changing to grow up into adults. we grow with each lesson we learn, with each trial we are given. and i know that sometimes it's frustrating because you feel like nothing is working the way you pictured but i have started to realize happiness is the key to a good life.

thanks for that :)

i am just so happy today! after a few weeks of wondering and questioning and more wondering i realized that happiness seriously is all i am striving for. so i guess what i am trying to say is i cant necessarily guide how my life goes. i need to make choices that help me get to where i am going. i have a path its just a matter of finding it.

sorry so long.

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  1. Love this. Thanks Chlo, I needed to hear that!! I think we're in the same boat. Tell me you'll be joining Jane, Caitlin and I for dinner tomorrow. It's been too long. xoxo


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