Friday, October 22, 2010

nothing beats sweaters, tea, utah games, leaves, and the candy that comes along with fall.
the other day i took a long drive up the canyon with a good friend to look at the pretty colors and after an hour of good conversation and all the orange, red, and yellow leaves, i realized how lucky i am to live in such a pretty place. fall is my favorite. here are a few reasons why i absolutely love fall

i love feeling chilled but my heart feels warm
the feeling of the leaves crunching under my boots.
climbing into cold sheets and warming up
candy corn and pumpkin frozen yogurt
the sunsets that seem sooo much brighter
seat heaters set to 6 in my car but only in the morning or at night
baby halloween costumes that catch my eye at every store
waking up on saturday and going to the U game
warm tea, sweats, curled up by a fire watching any movie with meg ryan from way back when
the smell of cinnamon
boots, leggings, tights, sweaters, coats. oh boy i love my fall wardrobe!
pams classic halloween sugar cookies at the deeg
caramel apples
listening to ingrid with the windows down
being happy for no apparent reason!

i love fall so much it hurts.
if anyone can contribute to my obsession i would love it :)

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  1. i love your blog.. and fall! it is definitely my favorite season.


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