Saturday, September 18, 2010

this week was so busy but so fun!
two weeks worth of work crammed into four days
but i managed to do some pretty fun things:
1-went to market street [my favorite] ate caramel ice cream and a cupcake.
very worth it especially now that im off sugar until halloween.
2-after M. Street we went to Lion King on broadway and it was seriously amazing!
3-not only went to redfest and fell in love with "fun." but MET the band then attended the dinkiest indie party, or should i say "dindie"
4-spent lots of time with good friends and we went to the last night of the state fair! loved it!

on the side: i was able to manage eating jimmy johns evvvveryday, unpackaged LOADS of new things at work, chatted with my friend kacey over candy corn [dont worry lauren and brecken this is before i commited to any sort of "no sugar bet", songfest. workouts at 6 am, dc's with the sister, oh and giving my blog a midnight facelift! awfully busy! loved the week. cant wait for this week.


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  1. i'm glad i was part of your weekend, but am jealous of all of your other fun activities! love the new face lift for the blog -- makes me want to change mine. Oh and I'm glad you clarified about the candy corn...Can't wait for Halloween when we can eat sweets!

  2. J'adore the new look of your blog sweet thing! I'm so jealous you went to Lion King, I'm a hostess at the New Yorker & we have been soo busy because of that and the Symphony. Anyways, you're darling:) xoxox B


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