Sunday, September 12, 2010

a social cereal

i have a friend...
and this friend had a theory..
whenever he would come home late at night he would eat cereal.
i understand this is not that uncommon..
and i dont like milk that much so cereal never appeals but tonight it did..
this friend once told me that "cereal was social" that whenever i am lonely or not in the mood..
eating cereal "just makes things comfortable"
i didnt really understand why this would make cereal "social"
but tonight.. when i came home after being lonely and "not in the mood"
i pulled out a box of cereal, a spoon, a bowl, and some milk..
and after taking a bite.
i felt better.
i dont really know if it was necessarily the cereal that made me feel better..
or the thought of this friend that made me feel better.
even though he wasnt there..
and actually really far away..

either way i am thankful for this friend and the social cereal.

cant wait till i can eat cereal with that friend and we can be "social" together.

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