Wednesday, September 29, 2010

i guess its true...

when it rains... it pours...
here is just a play by play of a few things that have happened this week.
not trying to be a negative nancy but it really has been a weird series of events.

it all started last monday:
driving to DG meeting, in a great mood--had just recieved my favorite monday email(s), when my BRAND NEW car started acting funny... i parked it in naval parking lot and after meeting came back and it wad pretty much leaked gallons of some fluid .. and wouldnt start. the father came and got me and tabby was towed to the shop to be fixed..i cried the whole way home

wednesday they told us it was most likely the transmission and would cost 5000 dollars and at least a month to fix. yep. luckily it wasnt the transmission and didnt cost that much. and friday i got the car back..

that same day some weird thing started popping up on my iphone to the point where i could not even write a dumb text without it telling me i was plugged into an accessory... it wasnt plugged into an accessory which made it more confusing..

so the weekend was fine nothing very unfortunate happened...

until sunday, when we booked our flights for arizona and im leaving abbys and my stupid phone drops and the whole screen shatters... i got over it pretty fast until i get into my car and it sounds like im on a plane it is so loud.. yep the muffler. broken.

next day, take my phone down to the apple store, they give me a new one after fighting with some wretched man for twenty minutes...

my car is in the process of being fixed again by this point.

go home restore the phone. get my monday email, am told that we can no longer email, only write letters.... doesnt sound too drastic except for the fact that half the letters i have ever sent have been stolen before they got to him... thats weird.

at meeting my phone will not turn on.. BRAND NEW PHONE.

started feeling dizzy at meeting to the point where i cant see, leave casino night early (sorry jane) felt soo dizzy driving home i ended up calling my dad to come get me.

phone still isnt working, restored it for three hours finally googled some answers and realize one of my apps has a virus. went to bed.

this morning realized that i had booked my flight for the wrong weekend for fall break.. great.

luckily the person on the phone was nice and switched it for me.

i am trying to be optimistic and hopefully now it will just all turn around. but my luck is NOT intact. haha i have found a lot of humor in my week, a lot of humor.

sooo riddle me this... how do you stop bad luck? any clues? hints? anything!


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  1. I wish I knew! I am in the exact same boat as you are. love you

  2. My mom always tells me that bad things happen in 3's, so once one bad thing happens I try to get the other 2 out of the way as fast as I can. Good fortune and luck always seems to follow. No worries! Something will surprise you and turn your bad luck upside down :) Love you little Chloee!

  3. ohhhh chlo i feel likethis happens to me sometimes too and its the worst! just know that i adore you and think you are beautiful! you can get through anything i know it :) i love you!

  4. I cannot believe all of that. Seriously you are in for some GOOD news pretty soon because when that much bad stuff happens, something good is BOUND to come soon! love you


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