Thursday, August 26, 2010

the things i learned going to school.. not in class.

so lets start by saying i am a proud parent of this new macbook pro...
blog world...
meet Melinda
i am so excited to have gotten this cute little thing!

secondly abbrevs has become such a bad habit for my school work.
its quite the problem when your notes read "leg numb of peeps attend"
yes.. thats real.

DG is A M A Z I N G
i am in love. more than ever.

i think i should track my steps on campus considering i walk sooo much. its a full exercise.

meeting friends in class that are intense about class.. makes you intense in class..
also leave you in " spitting perimeter " with your professor sitting front row.

just because its "fall semester" doesnt mean its time for fall clothes.. not quite yet. i learned this after wearing a cute sweater and jeans two days in a row.. yet shorts do not appeal to me at all.

who knew ignoring someones emails could be so entertaining? especially when they admit they have noticed..

note to self: it doesnt take an hour to walk to class.. so next time i am walking out the door at 8:40 to get to my 9:40 class i might as well stay put and eat breakfast..

oh and p.s stay tuned for a new blog to follow :) "simple speculation" will be airing its first vid hopefully this weekend.


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