Sunday, August 8, 2010


today i am grateful for Lemonade Stands.
dont you miss the days when money was fun to make and we did it by choice not cause we have to.
yep. definitely miss those days.
its very hard for me to pass up a lemonade stand.
and the wide eyes that the little girls get when you give them a whole dollar instead of .25 cents.


the disney channel. what pure and innocent television! i am not ashamed to say that i watch disney channel because i am learning more watching that then watching jersey shore or whatever that show is. i am guilty of watching trash tv (bach, one tree hill, gg, 90210, etc) but who doesnt love a little hannah montana or jo bro?!

until next time..

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  1. haha i love this! disney channel is by FAR my favorite... love you!


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