Sunday, August 29, 2010

four years...

four years have passed and i dont know even where to begin writing down whats happened...
four years and i dont even know if its really even hit me yet..
when you spend that much time without someone you would see everyday the absence is noticed but its still four years where i have sadly gotten used to not having her around...

four years where i did a 180 and have changed into a whole new person...a person she would love i hope...

so today i am grateful for time.. and of course my mom..
on tuesday it will be four years since she passed..
so weird because it feels like forever..

bitter-because i want her here..
sweet-shes happier now and the longer she's gone the easier it gets.

i know a lot of things i have done have been influenced by her.
the friends i have made.
the sorority i joined. i didnt know it would matter so much being in the one i am.
the relationships i have gained. with my dad and sisters.
i know she has so many more plans for me and im excited to see!

august 31st is never easy.. im usually a mess but luckily i will be spending it with my dg sisters and that could not make me happier. :)

happy sunday!

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  1. Love you Chlo! It was so lovely to see your bright and shining face today! Hope to see it around more. ITB

  2. love you chlo!!! you're my fave :)

  3. This makes my heart hurt. I'm so sorry for your loss but it seems like you have really tried to make the best of it. I'm sure you are making her proud & she is watching down on you :-)


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