Sunday, July 4, 2010

fourth of july

the fourth of july is my favorite holiday..
because there arent many expectations of whats going to occur..
i dont like feeling let down or expecting something thats not going to happen
but without fail, the fireworks never let me down.
there are always fireworks on the fourth of july and the weather is always swell.
it doesnt matter who i am with i just know the same things will be shot up in the air.
and what really amazes me
is how you can see the fireworks all across the valley
and people will be watching them everywhere
the same sky
different shows
tonight i will be going to country club with my fam
my favorite show of the year
i love the fourth of july.

ps. (photo) i pretty much have the prettiest niece in this world.

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  1. Chloee!!!
    I love you and your blog...remember when we spent the 4th together on the summer of '08????
    Those were the days! So fun...and we made hemp bracelets...and drank diet coke...and much fun! Miss you!


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