Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[chloees list of things]

this is a list.
a list of all the things that..
"shouldn't be taken so lightly"
i find myself saying this phrase a lot
so i am proving my point right here and now.

1. macdiner [mcdonalds] it is SOOO good, and the calorie intake [double hamburger 300 calories for instance] is NOT bad. that is twooo patties, or in the words of jane "double the protein"
def should not be taken lightly...
2. days off from work. dont you miss the days where work was not in the question and everyday was a pool day? yes i definitely think a day laying by the pool with friends and a diet coke should not be taken lightly..
3. bachelorette. BIG DEAL. people should be more excited to watch it than they are.. i start thinking about next weeks episode after the last one ends.. nope not taken lightly.
4. jimmy johns. completly looked over by many- it really irritates me when people havent tried it are scared of it. not ok.
5. THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE. everyone should be planning on going there at 8 am on friday unless they have done pre-select. best day of my life- i love everything about it. mostly the smell.

those are a few. just saying.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! i smiled the whole time reading this, and am flattered i was mentioned in it.

  2. completely agree with all of the above. though i feel my love for jimmy johns needs to grow since i have only been there once. we'll have to go again soon :) love you


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