Monday, June 28, 2010

a word for the awkward.

grocery aisles...
have you ever been standing in the grocery aisle...maybe you are humming or minding your own business or searching for something and all the sudden someone else comes down the aisle and you realize you have to share the aisle with someone and for some odd odd reason its really awkward? as if the aisle is your own territory and the person is invading. it doesnt matter how close or far you are from each other its extremely awkward... i always seem to clench my arms to my side and stop what im doing. and i cant even think of one time (unless i know the person) where we say hi to each other, instead we dodge each other and find the easiest way out of such an insecure place as FAST as possible..i end up grabbing things fast and just leaving to avoid it. i realized how ridiculous this was the other day but yes completely realistic and somewhat normal. another example, nordstrom rack shoe section. SO AWK. you stand in this tiny thing they call an aisle but its not an aisle at all its more like a narrow narrow hall and its like you are almost competing with the person because the shoes are so spare and both of you obviously are looking for the same size... who knows if they are just going to snag those sandals i am looking at..
just my random thought for the day. i could try and be more friendly in grocery aisles but truth be told nothing will change.. it will still be awkward. what really gets me though are how many movies and tv commercials i see where two people just randomly meet at the grocery store and fall madly in love.. ya nice try, no guy at the end of the aisle is getting a second look from me. maybe i need to open my eyes for my soulmate at the groc? or maybe i should just keep to myself :)

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