Friday, June 11, 2010

[my summer happy list]

a summer of happy things.
thats for sure.
summer happy list starts now.

1. barefeet
2. late nights and early mornings
3. sunny pool days
4. dietcokes at tennis club and yummy ice
5. fun nail polish
6. fourth of july
7.bees games
8. night swimming
9.sandals, shorts and sundresses
10. sundays
11. warm car seats
12. summer rain
13. beach cruisers
14. drive ins
15. warm weddings
16. sunroof and airconditioning
17. walking
18. swingsets and star gazing
19. lake powell and beach
20. corndogs

these are just a few reasons why i love summer, i guess there is nothing better to me than laying in the sun and not caring.
cant wait to start it off right starting monday


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  1. Oh sad :( this post makes me miss you!!

    Love you


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