Sunday, June 6, 2010


a few months ago a friend of mine [lauren parker] made a blog post about her favorite celeb wardrobe. the person she would lovvvve to dress like. i honestly have thought about this for months. and although it wasnt a tagged post or anything of that sort, my favorite celeb wardrobe finally hit me and decided i would post about it too! so thanks laur! :) so after months of deliberation and magazine scoping the winner is.... LAUREN CONRAD. i feel like we are similar in styles (well i wish) .. she is girly but not over the top, when she throws on a sweater and leggings she doesnt look grunge but not completely done up but when she does get ready and frilly, its not a huge surprise. i also have noticed that her hair is never just stick straight and down it is often just loosly pulled up in a pony tail! soo yes lauren conrad is my favorite celebrity wardrobe! here are some pics i found that i lovvve. soo who's yours??!

while traveling... looks cute.

while walking her dog [chloe] looks cute.

love her. wish i had a peek in her closet or anything similar!


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