Sunday, June 13, 2010

[bachelorette in review]

i figured before tomorrows episode i would add my piece to what is happening on the bachelorette. first of all, i LOVE ali. i think she is a sweetheart and yes i have my top three. here are some thoughts.
first of all, how weird is Justin? he needs to calm down. walking to her house in your crutches still didnt land you a kiss, plus ali didnt seem too intrigued by looking at pictures of you and your grandmother when you were little, SORRY JUSTIN. you gotta go. okay moving on... Craig R... okay you and Ali have not exchanged words this whole season.. not joking i think the only time i have seen him talk to her is when she asked him to "accept this rose" and he said "yes" not to mention that he's constantly the creep in the corner looking at her talk to other boys..SORRY CRAIG. you gotta go too... Jesse, i liked you but then i didnt like the jean get up at formal night.. it was kinda embarr that you would wear that..unforgivable but you can try and redeem yourself.. you are on the fence with me right now.. your wardrobe needs improvement. Kirk- i like you. i think you are handsome and fun but you guys were slaying more than talking so is it just lust? i guess that didnt stop jake from picking vienna.. so yes kirk has officially made my top three. Ty.. i have nothing to say about you. you have a cute accent but you full on admitted that your last marraige ended because you were an idiot. haha not a good sign. Chris L. is ador, i think that you should get a one on one date tomorrow. dont know much about you yet but you also have made my top three. Kasey has a one on one date tomorrow and he seems so tender. he better not get kicked off cause hes deaf. Frank- you also are one of my favorites because you were way norm on your one on one but i feel like you are going to go crazy, you are extremely jealous and im just waiting for you to crack. CALM DOWN. and last but not least my number one pick ROBERTO. BEAUTIFUL and so cute. he needs to win, the others should just go home now. haha i love him. so yes that is how i see it. the rest of the men are just a blur to me.. step it up if you want to be featured on my blog :)
cant wait for tomorrow!


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  1. i couldnt agree more other than the fact that i love kirk!! and really dislike kasey he is wierd!!! but i do agree that justin needs to go and so does craig! but robertooooooo is soo cute!

  2. chloee haha i hadn't even watched this season when i read this post but my roommate and i decided to start watching the bachelorette because of your funny comments on everyone! we just got caught up and then read this again and we are DYING. i can't explain to her how funny you are but i think she gets it from reading this. haha love you and LOVE roberto. miss you!

  3. Hahah you should be getting paid for this... I love that you wrote this before last week's episode and you called everything! Love Kirk, Chris and especially Rico Suave/Roberto!!


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