Sunday, May 23, 2010

[summer sunday best]

nothing beats sundays. summer sundays. augustana says it best in their song "sunday best" where they say "she is sleeping on a sunday, and laying in her sunday best." i agree. every sunday i stay in my church clothes all day but for some reason they are more comf to me than throwing on sweats. i love going to church ( in the warmth ) and after i take a nap and drink a diet coke and then go eat with the family then later go up to the schneiders for my favorite ice cream sunday :) nothings beat it. i love the feeling i have on sunday, nothing is better than a summer sunday at home. i was able to go on a sunday stroll with my good friend claire hunter today just to catch up and i asked her if we should change our shoes before our walk and she said "no because we are ladies." i loved it. i love sundays because there are no obligations and nothing to stress over! its like a day off from life it just think i guess! nothing i say can really justify it but the quote above seemed to sum it up pretty nice. i love summer sundays!


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