Saturday, May 8, 2010

[mothers day for may may]

i [am] lucky to have such an amazing mother. everyday she watches me. all day. she knows what im doing and what im thinking. and every so often she tells me when i am overreacting or when i am being silly. she knows who my husband is and probably is sitting with my children right now. she makes me happy even to this day. i think about her all the time and although everything changed with her not being here, she still is here. i look like her and i think as i grow, more and more qualities of her shine through in me. as funny as it sounds, to this day her bedside lamp magically goes on in our house, and my dad and i are convinced its her telling us something. its not creepy i promise! i feel lucky to have such an amazing mother. as much as i dread mothers day, and even though i usually cry, i am honored to celebrate the life of such an amazing mom, my mom. whether earthly or heavenly, all of our moms are angels. i feel lucky.

a little note from my mom:
as special and wonderful as our home is with all of us here on earth, it is nothing compared with our Heavenly home where our father and our savior wait for us to complete our mission. It will be a joyous reunion when we are all there together. i thank Heavenly Father everyday in my prayers for you. I thank him for letting me be your mother and i ask for his help. I try to do things for you each day that will improve your life and make you happy. but the most important thing i must do is lead you to him. stretch your heart and tell him your feelings. this is the best gift i can ever hope to give you and i want to give you the best gifts because you have given me the most precious treasure i could ask for, your presence in our home. thank you for being my baby.
love always- Mom

happy mothers day to my mom and all the other moms too :)

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  1. this is beautiful, chloee. happy mothers day.

  2. I am crying right now. You are absolutely wonderful. Love you


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