Sunday, April 18, 2010

chloee's garden.

im taking up gardening! sounds weird, and my sister doesnt believe me but i am! My dad told me that if i made the garden pretty i would get rewards and i think its something that i want to do! bought the gardening for dummies book and im set! i am really excited! i looked up the benefits or gardening and this is what came up.. 1. get down in the dirt actually is quite soothing. 2. its a work out! 3. its outside! 4. you can see your results in flowers! whats better than that? my mom used to always make us garden and i was grumpy about it.. well tides are turning and im really excited about my garden! i will post my results. wish me luck! my house on 23rd is going to have soil of color! you just wait!

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