Thursday, April 29, 2010

[brain cramp]

i have managed to take two minutes out of studying time to blog.. here it goes
i am currently completely paranoid about finals. i dont know what it is with school but i get the worst anxiety. i havent slept well in days because everytime i fall asleep i wake up freaking out thinking "i should be studying" the time i have spent at starbucks studying is endless. i have managed to get myself sick, leaving me with a cough that is uncontrollable. its my own fault. i am still paranoid about school. oh and my facebook is off so the joy of facebook stalking to end my days is gone. thank you FINALS for making me completely insane and anti soc. i really do appreciate it :) but really a week from right now it will be summer and lets hope its not smowing when i walk out of that last test!


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