Tuesday, March 30, 2010

[a week in review]

i havent blogged forever! i spent a great week with my best friends on a boat. i celebrated my birthday and shared it with jane! i love my friends! i got a best friend bracelet thats official with brecken. i shared a room with the tickles. we prank called room service. i read the last song and lovvved it! i ate soo much soft serve ice cream. i realized i always get a second wind after eating ten pieces of bread. i fell in love with the casino bars diet coke. i realized i dont have beginners luck when it comes to gambling.. even though i didnt even play. i was dominated by a wave after i tried doing a hand stand. i realized i shouldnt trust the mexican vendors. sunsets really are prettier when you are by the ocean. i am convinced they put the cruise workers on there so that you will feel bad for them and you will give them your money. i never knew there were soo many different animals that towels can get folded in to. i never knew throwing napkins in the air could be so fun. chips and guac are better in mex. the serenity deck really was soothing. abbrevs make everything so much better.
all and all it was a PERFECT week.

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