Wednesday, March 3, 2010


one of my best friends, Liz Pugmire, tagged me in her blog! and i guess this means i need to do the same thing! so here it goes :)

1o years ago...
ten years ago i was in 4th grade, wow, what a blur. I cant really remember much except i was quite a little loser! i think this is before the time of razor scooters, so my social scene was walking to and from rosslyn heights elementary with max, jeff and liam. i think i was still experimenting finding friends.. spent most my time at home with my mom. we liked dancing in the kitchen and singing songs.. i wanted to be just like my sisters. hailee bullied me and i was emee's little angel, chelsee was rude to hailee when she was mean to me so i liked her :) i was dancing and thought i was growing up to be a ballerina- owning a house and dance studio in NY. Boy how dreams change.

5 years ago...
ummm i was a freshman maybe sophomore in highschool? this was the time of cheer and dance company and of course the infamous FAB 5. Kate, Megan, Samantha, Maria, and I. i had really really good friends. we were clicky, i will be the first to admit but i loved them. my other best friend was kacey! still the person i call even to this day! and of course max. this was a fun but very hard time. not going in to details but i learned a lot. classes were dumb. jason thomas was the end of me. oh and cant forget about Claire Hunter... aka who i spent all my time with. we would skip class, go to dance, dance all night and still have time to fit in tanning and maverick. oh and right after emily dunn decided to like me after we were enemies.

5 months ago...
I moved in to the DG house. I LOVED it, met some of my best friends and maintained great relationships with friends i already had. I learned to take care of my self but still really liked being home with my dad. all the boys had left on missions and some of my best friends returned from missions. lots of friends went away to londan and hawaii but megan always remained a constant. ummm ya thats all.

5 things on my To Do list today:
1. sign up for stupid stupid muss
2. go to dashhh
3. study study study
4. watch modern family
5. havent figured this out yet.

5 snacks i enjoy:
umm if i wasnt on this cleanse these are the things i would eat :)
1. girl scout cookies. i have been wanting them soo bad
2. fruit snacks
3. granny b cookies (pink frosting) yummm
4. diet coke.. yes i consider this a snack
5. pitas and hummus

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire:
1. i would not be in school cause i hate it.
2. i would buy myself a mini cooper cause my dad wont buy me one
3. have a cabin, houseboat, and a beach house
4. have a PERFECT wedding
5. go crazzzy at nordstrom

5 things people dont know about me:
1. i am an AMAZING missionary writer, seriously though, if you are going on a mission be friends with me because i send great things.
2. i HATE showering, but i shower everyday hmm. my showers are like 7 minutes tops.
3. i am a sucker for costco. and just became a member :)
4. i am not eating processed food right now. started on monday and so far so good
5. i hate cold weather

my happy list:
1. weddings make me happy because you know thats the best day of their lives.
2. everything is better when its sunny.
3. sundresses and sandals
4. aunt ruth cause she reminds me of my mom.
5. laughing till i cry.
6. memories.
7. sunday dinners & family
8. drives and diet cokes.
9. nordstrom & anthro
10. megan, jane, morgan, caitlin, aubree, abby, kate, katelyn, breck, kacey, sadie, easy, lil, liz pug, kylee , sisters, dgs, emma etc.
11. flowers and music.
12. crying for no reason at all

oh & the fact that spring break is soo soon!

so i guess im supposed to tag people to do this too. so everyone on #10 of my happy list, give it a shot :)

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