Wednesday, February 10, 2010

[oh saint valentine]

valentines: the day of love. although it is assumed, it is never stated that you have to have ONE valentine, or that valentines is specifically for two people to share. its a day of love. i was once told by a good friend, "that i have a lot of love to give," i dont really know how to apply that or that its even true but i do know i love the people i love and i love being loved in return :) so although i gave someone my favorite book, and i will most likely give my mom some flowers, i really do LOVE a lot of people and things. i have an amazing family, best friends, and a few other odds and ends. so no, this year there is not one person in particular, but i am the LUCKIEST.

"i love, love. i love, being in LOVE, i dont care what it does to me"
shout out to my favorite valentine though : my mom :)

happy valentines day to all my valentines: dad, sisters, niece, dog, max, dgs, friends. the list goes on.


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