Monday, February 22, 2010

[music when the lights go out]

i have never felt so many emotions as i do when i am listening to music. seriously though. while watching shows, i notice the songs, while driving i search for the PERFECT song on the radio that best suits my mood. the songs explaining how bad it hurts missing someone, or the songs about love, the t.swift songs that aim for every feeling possible. the depressing songs, the slow ones, the poppy ones, the ones that are constantly on the radio. All of them make me feel different but even when a song is hitting SO close to home, it makes me feel...something. no matter the circumstance.. a friend of mine also brought up the other day how funny it is that a lot of times we know the words to songs that we would normally never listen to but yet we sing along with every word. music helps define so many emotions, for everyone! i have always been a fan of the artists no one knows or the music that means nothing to people for months until somehow it ends up on the radio. some of the best cries. drives and laughs can come from listening to songs. its good to be able to scream lyrics with friends, or just drive alone to a sad song. call me a geek, but music is definitely one of my friends. best friends. couldnt live without it. music brings me back to reality but also gives me a little hope. i am optimistic in beats or hurt by words. a good hurt.
but i simply love music.

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