Monday, February 15, 2010

[clip of the week]

this past weekend, i golfed. well attempted. cant say im good at it but i am going to take up golfing! i think it will be a fun hobby and my dad is good so he can teach me. we golfed a bit in, and even though i ended up with a blistered hand, and im not very good, it was really fun! here is a clip just to prove how awful i am. my dad filmed me because he said it will help me figure out "what im doing wrong" but considering i dont know what to do right the clips dont really help much! yay for golfing though! its going to be great. i also went fourwheeling with my brother in law and sister cause they love it. i was a little spectical but it was SO pretty and it was fun! i decided i need to step outside my element more often and try new things, improve on stupid things, and perfect old things! this year i want to bike more, water ski well, and swim laps haha if anyone can help me perfect these, lemme know!

although i look awful in this video, watch the skills not the person :)

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