Sunday, January 24, 2010

[ you've. got. mail. ]

this movie. genius. You've Got Mail. has been one of my favorites (mostly my moms favorite) for years. i guess this movie mainly just reminds me that having faith in someone is not necessarily a bad thing. in the movie, [kathleen] explains that these three words You've. Got. Mail makes her heart twitter everyday. that she waits impatiently for the internet to connect and when it does she waits for these three words . just because for that one moment she knows that someone was thinking of her and she also explains how most the time through writing letters you are talking more about nothing than something, nothing that will change your mind or ideas or even whats going on but that nothing has meant so much more than so many somethings. how great! i couldnt say i know how she feels or that i am falling in love over any sort of mail, but is there any better feeling than knowing and being reassured that this letter or email or postcard or whatever it may be, is addressed to you. no matter who it may be. they were thinking of you. i admire her faith in love. her faith that no matter if she feel every kind of vulnerable that somehow what she feels is real. i am in love with this story. i guess im a sucker for hope. props to the auth.


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  1. I love that show too chlo and I agree getting a note, email, or card makes me feel so good because i know they are thinking about me at that moment....only me! love ya

  2. This post is simple adorable. I loved it. And agreed- one of the best movies to this day. love you girl!

  3. Can I just tell you that You've Got Mail has always been one of my all-time favorite movies!! I loved reading this little post about it! I miss you Chloee and love you


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