Thursday, January 21, 2010

[pictures only proof you can't convince]

pictures, pictures, pictures, pictures. everywhere. they all tell a story and i dont even realize how much i love them until i look through all my old pictures or look at pictures on facebook or even just hang them in my room. one of my new years resolutions was to captures a photo a day. that way i would have enough pictures to explain my year even if its not worth while! (which hopefully it will be) i do feel like i should be taking more though! i need to get in the routine of taking pictures!! i notice that a lot of times a picture relates to a day or a "cute outfit" or just a happy thought. even if its a sad thought.. its still a memory. whether im hanging pictures up, sending pictures to friends all over the world, or taking pictures down because its a lost memory, every pictures relates to something that at one time meant something. after sending a package and a few pictures to a friend for christmas, of course they were thankful for it all but were VERY thankful for the pictures i had sent. Because unlike all the rest of the stuff.. the pictures were frozen memories or thoughts that were important to me and important to them.

capturing photos. easy enough. i just need to remember to pack the camera when i leave the house :)

"somedays you'll love each other, just like that. and other days you'll have to work at it. you never see the hard day in a photo album.. but those are the days that get your from one happy snapshot to the next"
thanks lauren parker !! love you

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