Tuesday, January 26, 2010


last night after catching up on some shows with a friend i walked her to the door and was ready to go upstairs and go to bed. so i head back to the couch where we were watching our shows to grab my phone and it was no where to be found. i literally dissected my house looking for it but for some reason i knew it didnt leave the couch. pretty positive the couch ate my phone cause when i would call it, it wouldnt ring or vibrate. my arms were scratched and red from sticking my arms in the cushions trying to find my phone.. i finally call my friend and ask if they had seen my phone they said no so i kept looking.. after a good 25 minutes of searching for my phone i call again, are you sure you didnt put it in your pocket? on the other line i just hear laughter haha they had accidentally put my phone in their pocket and were already home so i drove up there and grabbed it and left. i realized how quite sad it is that i rely on this stupid phone. so after red and scratched up arms and finding sooo many coins in my couch cushions. i finally have my phone back :) its ridiculous i rely on it but to be complete honest, i dont really care!

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  1. TOO WEIRD!!! Last night Masha and I caught up on some shows then I left. Halfway to my house I realized I didn't have my iPhone. Crap. Tore apart my car. Turned around and drove back to Masha's. My lil guy was underneath a pillow on the couch. It is my life too. Freaky how similar!!!


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