Sunday, January 3, 2010


i have realized lately how much i appreciate my friends. it doesnt matter if i see them all the time or very little. or if they are married or out of state. i truely do believe that my best friends are the best friends. i guess its hard to put in to words how much these people really do influence me. i also find it so great the power of always having a friend. i feel like sometimes when one friend leaves a new one is there or an old one returns. but you can never have too many friends. but even if you go through the day meeting new people and making new friends, at the end of the day.. there are always those people that you want to come home to and talk to. those are the friends i think we should cherish and keep. the friends that you couldnt live without, the ones that always have your best interest in mind, that tell you things to make you better, or make you stronger, who listen even when your rambling, friends like.. well like my best friends!
thank you to all my friends :) i dont know what i would do without you.

" you have relationships that are forever where you learn from them everyday for the rest of your life and there are those people who come in to your life temporarily to teach you some lesson"

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