Sunday, January 31, 2010

[confessions of a diet coke addict]

some might disagree.. but is there a better feeling than going and grabbing a fountain diet coke after a long long day and you go home and lay on your bed and after a few minutes you doze off.. just a power nap though, tops : 40 minutes and when you wake up and look at your bedside table there is a diet coke pretty much calling your name. the ice is still in the cup but its barely been drank since you dozed off. the diet coke is still chilled and great. i have come across this topic with a few friends and so far they all agree. nothing is better than the "just dozed off but i have the best thing waiting for me when i wake up" diet coke.
agree or agree to disagree

easily pleased obviously. i just love my diet coke.
embarrassing? yes.

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