Monday, November 23, 2009

please and thank you's..

there is so much to be thankful for and it being thanksgiving i thought i would make a little list of the things that i am thankful for right now..

DeeGee. Colors. Weather. My dad. my Sisters. my niece. Music. singing. dancing. life. caring. clothes. diet coke. treats. crushed Ice. trees. the presidential building on campus. driving. love. liz pugmire :). pc 08. new friends and old friends. lights. giggling. maverick. walking. running. Dash. brother in laws. water. Books. random thoughts-quotes-texts-calls. good friends. making someones day. someone making my day. random "pick me ups" (love you abs), advice. katelyn and alyssa. Anchors. vacations. songs. wardrobe. old things. inside jokes. Talents. absence. Kacey. learning. good guys. Goals. holidays. pink. health. clocks. pretty things. Weddings. sun. facebook. Flowers. families. Megan. the grandma room plus abby and caitlin. thinking. laughing. run ins. dittos. smiles. favorite things, rain. turquoise. candies. gossip Girl. nordstrom. Kate VW. in n out. Home. the Deeg. journals. Writing. creativity. shoes. Rufus. max wood. smells. Street Lights. us weekly magazine. pams food. iphone. my dog. snuggie. Fires. snow. zumba. limbs. beauty.


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