Sunday, November 29, 2009


every christmas i look forward to the same thing, and as lame as it may sound its seriously one thing that makes me soo happy for it to be christmas.. the movie and book Eloise at Christmastime. my mom and i would loook forward to this show every year because Eloise is somewhat inspiring. i want to be her when i grow up, although she is only six! Eloise is stunning! the personality portrayed in the character of this little girl is beautiful. she is a drama queen, busy body, friendly, beautiful, and so innocent. one of my favorite things is seeing childrens eyes... sounds weird but their eyes are always pure! This little girls personality portrays a role model for me. she runs around the plaza (where she lives) and makes drama throughout the hotel and within the guests and employees. (good/humorous drama) She is always giving people pick me ups and has a whimsical imagination. no matter how wealthy she is and how much she has, she always puts others first. she is a matchmaker. this fun-loving little girl has a knack for finding adventures. while her mother is away, she spends all her time with her lovely nanny. i highly suggest watching this movie this christmas :) hopefully you too,will see this glow in this darling little girl as i do.
p.s. dont fret i am also planning on naming my daughter, Eloise after her :)

here is a cute little quote from the book :
Here I am at Christmastime
Complete with tinsel and holly
Singing fa la la la lolly
And over the roar of the jingle bells
You can hear hear hear her say
It's absolutely Christmas
But I don't mind a bit
I give everyone a present
For that's the thing of it
So when it's everly Christmastime
And you're under your Christmas trees
Simply tinkle a bell and have a trinkle
And remember

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  1. cute! i've never seen it or read it so I will have to take your advice and watch it this season!!!!

  2. I love Eloise at Christmas its my favorite christams book! Love you Chloodle!

  3. I just watched this movie two seconds ago and I was totally thinking of you the whole time. hah Love you!

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