Sunday, September 20, 2009

delta ΔΓ gamma

"twenty years from now you will be more disappointed in the things you didnt do than the things you did do.. so cast off your bowlines, catch trade winds as you sail, sail away from your safe harbor, and get ANCHORED in something new.
explore. dream. discover. delta gamma"

i could not be more grateful for the strength of delta gamma. from the girls, to the new house, the long hours sitting in the kitchen, the late night adventures, the gas leaks, the tickle neck crew, the candy jars, songfest practices, singing in the bathroom, mariam, the house cook, Pam listening to our problems, the live in crew, the cute new pledges, the random cookies that are made, talking before bed, pranks, monday meetings & gossip girl, the dvr and huge tv in the basement, the "stair stomper," the random squirrel who came running through the house, hiding from the house mother Carolyn, talking about boy problems, BEST friends, missionaries sending letters to the Deeg and the other random artwork from the boys on the fridge, dance parties and musical chairs, the many many secrets, the yummy food, the late nights, and just the lifestyle in general.

DG has become my life. i am proud to say im a delta gamma and that i am associated with these amazing people involved. from our amazing president and presidency, the house mom and cook, and every girl! Its amazing to me how much i rely on the girls and how i find myself getting closer and closer to a new girl each day. living in the house has been a great experience for me to fully understand the whole thing. I am looking forward to the day that i can give back to Delta Gamma! I love you all! Love and ITB foreverrrrr!

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