Sunday, August 16, 2009


lately i have been realizing how change can make or break a situation. i feel like everything around me keeps changing and i have been stuck in the middle of tooooo many adjustments but im wondering if the change is for the better...? yesterday i had a brunch with a crew of highschool friends and realized how much is to come and how much really has already changed or is about to change. from the discussions on marriage, moving to the DEEG in less than a week, growing older, BOTH my sisters being engaged, saying goodbye to my very best friends, meeting new friends, expanding my boundaries and outlook on SO many adventures as time goes on, and sincerely just the idea of life changing. I think i have been so caught up in a comfort zone that having it change is throwing me off balance! In the words of Katelyn Curtis and My Father--"everything is going to work out how its supposed to so stop thinking" (haha something along those lines) i realize that i cant CHANGE whats going to come so i might as well sit and enjoy it. whether they are changes i LOATHE or LOVE i need to look at the big picture!

"sometimes things fall apart so better things can come together"

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